Written and directed by BAFTA Award-winning Peter Straughan in 2010 (Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Frank, Wolf Hall) and starring David Morrissey ( The Walking Dead, Gee Gee is a short film (35mm) funded by Film4, UK Film Council with the support of Northern Film and Media adapted from a John Cheever short story.

The film follows the unsettling effect of drunken and riotous newcomer Gee-Gee on his neighbours in a fashionable block of flats. The closely-knit, respectable community finally force the troublemaker to move, but one of them, the previously happy and respectable Michael, shows alarming signs of infection.

Produced forFilm4FormatShort Film Written and Directed by Peter StraughanCastElliot Cowan, David Morrissey, Morven ChristieWritten byPeter StraughanDirected byPeter StraughanProducersMargery Bone

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