8 x 60’

BBC, Bonafide Films and The Forge Entertainment are proud to announce a collaboration on Peter Moffat’s new series The Last Post.

Aden 1965. The fag end of empire. Based on Peter Moffat’s childhood memories, his father’s life as an officer in the Royal Military Police and his mother’s struggle between being what the army required her to be and what she felt like being, this is the story of a British army unit fighting a terrorist insurgency in the Middle East and the women and children who were there with them.

Danger, heat, glamour – grenade attacks, roadside mines, sniper actions, gin and tonic, polka dot bikini’s and fish and chips at the BP beach club, Strangers in the Night, death in the desert, drinking and smoking like there’s no tomorrow, frying eggs on the bonnets of Land Rovers, the politics of occupier and occupied, love and war a long way from home.

The series is an up close look at soldiering and police work but it’s as much about the pressures and excitements of being married to the British army in a dangerous place at a moment in history when sex and feminism arrive in the twentieth century, the sun is going down on the empire and the established order of the 1950’s is disappearing.

Writer Peter Moffat

Executive Producers Margery Bone & Elwen Rowlands for BF, George Faber & Mark Pybus for Forge